Friday, August 2, 2013

Interesting Questions

He are some just questions I have been thinking about...
-Doesn't chivalry degrade women?
-Why can't gay people marry who they like? Will it hurt you if they do?
-What makes cannibalism so bad? If the person is dead and he allows it, why not?
-Isn't circumcision an act of violence against boys? 
-Why is it a job requirement for a person to go to school?
-Why is 18 the magic number for you do be able to drive, drink or vote?

Hopefully, I get to answer myself.


Thursday, July 4, 2013

Exemplar Essay Example for English

Exemplar: A Good Narrative Essay

On an otherwise calm and uneventful day, I heard what sounded like an enormous train, derailed from the tracks and coming straight at me. As I put the mattress over my head, I suddenly remembered that my roommates had not made it home yet. I had to make a decision quickly.… Do I stay under the mattress and be a coward, or do I go and try to find my friends? After much reflection, I realized that it is important to try to help your friends even if it puts you in harm’s way.

I learned this life lesson one spring day, when a twister tore through downtown Ft. Worth. I could have stayed in my closet with my cat, a mattress over my head and a radio, but in hindsight, I am glad I braved the storm to look for my friends.

En route, I watched the bent anarchy of rebar, walls, glass and unidentifiable structures, gnarled and toothy, as they paraded in a watercolor swirl in the aluminum windows. Driving the route from our house to downtown that they would have traveled, the song “A Bridge Over Troubled Water” came on, which was fitting to the situation. By the time I approached downtown, the wind had ceased and an eerie stillness settled in. Puddles stretched out in front of me, threatening to engulf the whole town. What I noticed first about the water everywhere was the absence of artificial light reflecting back at me. Night had fallen and because of the tornado all of the streetlights were out. I thought to myself…        

“This is what night is supposed to look like.”

I noticed that even the marquis lights were out. All of the buildings were dark and anonymous; none bared the logo of a corporate tenant. I witnessed natural night, just as people had before humans preferred artificial sunlight. For, as far as the eye could see there was not a working conduit for electricity to pass through, nor could I hear that distinct buzzing in the air. There was only me, Simon and Garfunkel on the radio, and the glimpses of scared people hiding under disjointed facades of the less-affected buildings. Stepping out the car, I saw the moon finding its face in the stillness of the oblong puddles below me. The power lines looked like the teeth of a boxer after a brutal fight; they were going every which way in a haphazard arrangement.

I found my friend’s car, in the aftermath, trapped in debris. I was terrified! What happened to them, I wondered. I looked across the street and among a crowd of astonished and frightened expressions; I finally located my friends. I saw from the ghost-white expression on my friend Leah’s face that she was in shock. My other roommate (and friend) was talking amongst others who were injured. He was helping the bartender pour shots of whiskey to calm the people down, since the refuge they had found happened to be a bar. Leah had a piece of glass embedded in her arm and bloody knees; my other roommate had deep cuts on the palms of his hands. Leah told me that she was caught running from her car to this building to seek shelter, and when she opened the heavy-metal door to the bar, the tornado picked her up like rag doll and slammed her knees into the asphalt. They did not need an ambulance, so I ushered them to my car. I was met with reluctance when I insisted that they go to the emergency room. Arguing the whole way, I drove them to the emergency room. They were admitted to triage, and the doctor said that Leah’s gash in her arm needed stitches, and she needed a tetanus shot. They disinfected their wounds, and a few hours later, we went home.

Even though my friends might have fared okay without me, I am glad that I could help them out. Since, Leah was in shock, she was not aware of the seriousness of her injuries and probably would not have sought medical attention without my coaxing. If I am faced with a life-threatening situation again, I will come to the aid of my friends. Hopefully, this sentiment will not be challenged any time soon.


Bad Essay Sample for English

Playing video games has been my hobby since I was 10 years old. I have been playing games like Gran Turismo, a racing game, Call of Duty series, a shooting game, Fight Night series, a boxing game, NBA 2K series and NBA Live series, which are both basketball games that still bore me because of the limitations in the game. Back in 2006, my gaming rituals changed from a 5-6 hours a day of gaming to about 10 or more hours of gaming, all because I bought the game Grand Theft Auto San Andreas for Windows PC. The things you can do in the game blew my mind back when I was just starting to play video games The Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is an open world genre game, meaning you can do almost anything you want in the game, and i mean anything.The game is very unique because of all the things you can do in the game, from driving cars to flying planes and helicopters, shooting at gangsters in the streets, avoiding arrest from the cops, gambling at a casino and many more. Going into the game, the gamer plays as CJ, the protagonist of GTA San Andreas, an African-American man who returns to the city of Los Santos because of the death of his mother, while he has to face his dark past with the gangsters of Los Santos and other stories leading the way. GTA San Andreas isn’t just one city, it has three cities, Las Venturas (Las Vegas), San Fiero ( San Fransisco) and Los Santos ( Los Angeles)  and other towns around them, making the game more interesting to roam around freely. One of my favorite things to do in the game is to drive around the cities and towns while listening to the radio, especially to the songs from the 80’s, it always makes me calm like I was really there.Through the years of playing GTA San Andreas, I learned a lot of good things out of bad, though I do bad things in the game, it made me more aware on the things I can't do outside the game because it is illegal. 

The Grand Theft Auto San Andreas changed my life, it made my daily gaming habits more exciting, made me think on what to do next in the game and it is a good way to kill time. GTA San Andreas is one of the best game I've ever played, even if I already played GTA IV, a later version of the GTA series. Indeed, GTA San Andreas is the best video game I have played. 

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Isang Paalala

I got this photo from, here.

Mahal kong Pilipinas
Wari nawala ang 'yong landas
Baon sa kahirapan, 
Korupsyon at anu pa man

Ang kalayaan ay binali wala
Ng muling pagboto ng mga walang nagawa
At ngayong sila'y naupo muli
Tayo'y muling magrereklamo ng paulit ulit

At lahat ng problema sila'y dahilan
At hindi natatapos ito, kaibigan
Tuwing halalan, ito ang resulta
Panahon pa nina Lolo at Lola

Ako'y nagmamalimos sa inyo,
Na sa susunod, tayo ay magbago
Hindi na ang trapo'y mailagay
Kundi ang taong may pusong na inaalay

Salamat po,
Na binasa ninyo ang tulang ito
At  sana naman tayo'y bumago
At tama na ang ating ibinoboto

the child blogger

Monday, May 20, 2013

A Great Way

I am just in love with this video. It's really a great way to show that it is indeed, more fun in the Philippines. This video makes me a proud Pinoy. Kudos to the Department of Tourism!

the child blogger

Thursday, May 16, 2013

My View: Taiwan and the Philippines

i got this photo from here

I'll just want to express my stand on the issue between Taiwan and the Philippines.

First of all, I don't agree with the bullying that the Taiwanese are doing to the Filipinos in their country. First of all, those Filipino workers did not even do anything. I hope they stop that. We don't bully the Taiwanese or any other race in our country.

Second, I believe that the Philippine Coast Guard should be given a fair trial/ investigation. And there shouldn't be any bias. They say that the Taiwanese fishermen was attempting to ram their boat and all they did was to defend themselves, in our waters.

Third, I don't agree with the Taiwanese demanding for compensation. First of all, I believe that our government should investigate the incident first. It is possible that, like what the PCG claims, they were merely defending themselves.

That's my opinion. I welcome debate and disagreement. :) Hopefully, I did not offend anyone.
the child blogger

Monday, May 13, 2013

What The Child Wants

I got this photo from here

So today is election day! HOORAY! So to those who haven't voted yet, please do so. It's for our future. And again, please vote wisely.

So here's a quick list of the candidates I would vote for if I could.
1. Jun Magsaysay
2. Sonny Angara
3. Bam Aquino
4. Dick Gordon
5. Chiz Escudero
6. Risa Hontiveros
7. Grace Poe
8. Koko Pimentel
9. Ed Hagedorn
10. Antonio Trillanes
11. Teddy Casino
12. Alan Peter Cayetano

That's it. Vote Wisely!
the child blogger